Celebrating a decade of contemporary luxury with ESSENZE 与《ESSENZE御智》一起庆祝當代奢華的10年

Impressively contemporary and bold, leading lifestyle magazine, Essenze, celebrated its 10th Anniversary this year with a strong presence taking root in Australia through Essenze Australia.

A publication by MarketSource, under the main CHTNetwork, this magazine is one that is aimed at showcasing a lifestyle of lavishness, a world of arts and travel, leaders of industries and impressive leisure activities.

The very first edition of Essenze was published in 2005 to fill a niche for luxurious lifestyle magazines that not only informed, but also highlighted world medicine, art, travel, leisure, fashion and significant people and personalities. The publications evolved throughout the years from a new little-known magazine to become one of the leading international lifestyle magazines in Malaysia.

Today, Essenze is not just a magazine but an important component in the ever-growing network of business connections and friends under CHTNetwork. It has become the glue that brings connections together, an important component to draw people and brands together and a formidable publication to be reckoned with.

Essenze Australia was introduced early this year 2015, again, to fill an important niche for a luxury lifestyle magazine in the land down under. The introduction of the bilingual magazine outside of Malaysia is one that led to a showcase of international supreme brands and the people behind some industry, thus, creating connections between brands, businesses and people.

Both magazines will continue to forge new paths in the publishing industry, to bring across clients’ message to the targeted audience in Malaysia, Australia and other countries, including China.



《Essenze》杂志是由 CHTNetwork 旗下的 MarketSource





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